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Monthly Giving

The Anti-Animal Cruelty Campaign is dedicated to ending animal cruelty. Your contribution can help us achieve this goal by providing food, advocacy, and education to animals in need. Join us today and make a difference!

Your donation fights animal cruelty, providing hope to millions. Join our cause, create a brighter future. Support change, end suffering. Every life matters. Together, we can make a significant impact. Stand against cruelty, make a difference. Help us advocate, save innocent lives. Your contribution matters, thank you for considering our campaign.
Our cause provides support, fights cruelty. Together, let’s end suffering. Nourish lives, ignite change. Join our mission, make a difference. Empower communities, create a compassionate world. Support our fight against animal cruelty. Together, we can build a better future. Stand against cruelty, lend your voice. Every action counts, thank you for your support.
Our approach ends suffering. Empower families, offer resources. Create lasting change, fight cruelty. Advocate for systemic reform. Join our mission, brighter future. Together, end animal cruelty. Empower, create equity. Address root causes, ignite change. Support our cause, make a difference. Stand against cruelty, thank you for your support.
Support the cause, make an impact. Donate for change. Volunteer, lend a hand. Fight for a brighter future. Be part of the solution. Join us against cruelty. Help those in need. Create lasting change. Stand up for animals. Make a positive difference. Support our mission. Together, we can end cruelty. Thank you for your support.

How we help those in need...

The Anti-Animal Cruelty Campaign provides nourishing meals and nutritional food boxes to individuals in need through feeding programs, food rescue efforts, and distribution initiatives.

Feeding programs

At the Anti Animal Cruelty Campaign, we're working everyday to find safe haven for animals in need. With your help we'll be able to bring joy to neglected animals across the US and abroad.

Food rescue

This is where we identify quality agencies who we supply with free food for distribution to needy animals.

Giving Tuesday

Nutritional food boxes

We provide nutritious food boxes and education to families in need, ensuring access to healthy food and promoting healthy choices for their families and their pets.

How you can help

By collaborating with the Anti Animal Cruelty Organization, you have the power to make a significant difference in putting an end to animal suffering and guaranteeing the well-being of every living creature. Explore the following avenues to actively engage and create a profound influence!

Sponsor An Entire Feeding Project

You possess the ability to revolutionize a community with your generosity. By becoming a major donor and contributing $10,000 or more, you can fully support a life-saving initiative that rescues and protects vulnerable animals. Join us today and create a profound impact on the lives of those we serve.

Consider becoming a legacy donor today

Make a lasting impact in the battle against animal cruelty by becoming a legacy donor for the Anti Animal Cruelty Organization. By including a gift in your will or estate plan, you can ensure that future generations will have the necessary resources to protect and care for animals, providing them with a safe and compassionate environment. Join us in our mission to make a difference today and create a better future for all sentient beings.

Volunteer to feed hope to hungry children

The activities provide relief and aid to reduce animal suffering as a result of hunger through feeding and food distribution activities for needy wild animals.

Popular ways to give

Donate online

Support our life-saving work with a one-time donation.

Give monthly

As a recurring donor, you play a vital role in ensuring that we are ready to save lives at a moment's notice.

Donate by mail

Simply print, complete, and mail in one of our short donation forms.

Fundraise for us

Looking for a way to be a part of the AACC movement?

Make a donation to honor someone

Our Tribute program is a wonderful way to show your support for our work around the world, while also honoring family and friends.

Join the Partner program

Become a Partner and you'll be brought closer to our lifesaving work through special opportunities.

No animal will suffer in silence, we will rescue them all.

Animal cruelty is a heart-wrenching issue that impacts countless innocent creatures worldwide. Your compassionate contribution holds the power to create a profound transformation in their lives, offering essential care and protection to vulnerable animals. With your generous support, we can provide them with hope, inspiration, and the opportunity to overcome the adversity they face. Together, let's make a meaningful difference in ending animal cruelty.

Our Mission

The latest news & stories

Gain valuable insights and strategies for fighting animal cruelty through our informative blog. Discover the root causes, impact, and practical steps to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable animals. Join us today in the fight against cruelty.

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How you can help

We appreciate your kindness in donating to help end animal cruelty and positively impact lives globally.

Thank you for considering a donation to support our mission of ending animal cruelty and positively impacting lives worldwide.

Your contribution can have a life-saving impact on vulnerable animals facing cruelty.

Anti Animal Cruelty

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  • Provide 500 Meals
    Provide 500 Meals $100

    Your gift of $100 will reach 500 hungry Pets in the U.S. with one meal, or provide 5,000 meals overseas.

  • Feed 800 Pets
    Feed 800 Pets $500

    Your gift of $500 will reach 800 hungry Pets in the U.S. with one meal, or provide 8,000 meals overseas.

  • Feeds 5,000 Pets
    Feeds 5,000 Pets $1000

    Your gift of $1,000 will reach 5,000 hungry Pets in the U.S. with one meal, or provide 25,000 meals overseas.

  • Feeds 8,000 pets
    Feeds 8,000 pets $5000

    Your gift of $5,000 will reach 8,000 hungry pets with one meal in the U.S. or provide 80,000 meals overseas.