About Us

About Our Program

Animal abuse and neglect is a crime! Animals that have no voice! Please help us prevent this needless suffering of neglected and injured animals providing necessary supplies to bring them back to health.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Anti Animal Cruelty Campaign distributes to impoverished Families fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables for their malnourished animals Helping suffering animals. When families are ravished by economic hardship not only do the family members suffer but also their pets and animals. Many impoverished families can no longer care for their pets and animals and are forced to abandon them. To address this situation Save The Animals distributes through our community Agents between 50 and 150 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to impoverished families who have pets and animals so that they to can have the food they need.

How to Help

Discover Ways to Make a Difference: From Volunteering to Donations, Learn How You Can Help Us Fight Animal Cruelty and Protect Those Without a Voice.

Compassion in Action

Community Education Initiative
To raise awareness about the realities of animal cruelty, educate the public on recognizing signs of abuse, and provide information on how to take action.

Safe Haven

Rescue and Rehabilitation Program
To provide immediate intervention for animals in distress, followed by comprehensive rehabilitation and rehoming services.

Nourish to Flourish

Nutritional Support for Pets and Owners
To ensure that pet owners facing financial hardships have access to high-quality nutritional food for their animals, fostering the well-being of pets and preventing neglect due to economic difficulties.

Other ways you can help

Your Role in Ending Animal Cruelty

Change begins with awareness and action. Here’s how you can contribute to the cause and make a tangible difference

Educate Yourself and Others

Knowledge is power. Share information on animal cruelty to spread awareness.


Your contributions support rescue operations, rehabilitation, and education programs.


Give your time to local shelters or organizations, helping animals directly.

Popular ways to give

Donate online

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Give monthly

Join Our Monthly Giving Program: A Steady Stream of Hope. Your Recurring Donations Bring Continuous Support and Change Lives Every Day.

Donate by mail

"Traditional Giving, Timeless Impact: Send Your Generous Donation by Mail to Help Us Continue Our Vital Work for Animals."

Fundraise for us

Empower Change: Launch Your Fundraiser & Join Our Mission. Rally Support and Make a Lasting Difference Together.

Make a donation to honor someone

Honor Loved Ones with a Gift of Kindness: Make a Donation in Their Name to Support Our Vital Cause and Spread Compassion.

Join the Partner program

Empower Change Together: Join Our Partner Program & Collaborate for a Compassionate Future. Let's Make a Difference Side by Side.

Give where it's needed most

Make an impact

Every dollar you donate can provide at least 5 meals to neglected animals and their families in need through our US Feeding Programs.

Donations made through this appeal support Anti Animal Cruelty Campaign’s entire mission and will not be designated to a specific program or location. If you would like to direct funds, please select a designation during your donation transaction.