About Anti Animal Cruelty Campaign

About Our Program

Animal abuse and neglect is a crime! Animals that have no voice! Please help us prevent this needless suffering of neglected and injured animals providing necessary supplies to bring them back to health.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Anti Animal Cruelty Campaign distributes to impoverished Families fresh nutritious fruits and vegetables for their malnourished animals Helping suffering animals. When families are ravished by economic hardship not only do the family members suffer but also their pets and animals. Many impoverished families can no longer care for their pets and animals and are forced to abandon them. To address this situation Save The Animals distributes through our community Agents between 50 and 150 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to impoverished families who have pets and animals so that they to can have the food they need.

Animal Sanctuary

Created to protect the wild life from chemical farming in North Central Montana.

Mission is to create and manage a prairie-based wildlife sanctauary that will protect a unique natural habitat, preserving the wildlife species that could live in harmony with ranching operations.
Currently we are providing supplemental feeding for the deer, antelope, sage grouse, burrowing owl, long-billed curlew, raccoons, weasels, other native birds and wild rabbits

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